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How to Write A Children’s Book

In this excerpt from Write From The Start: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Professional Non-Fiction, author Caroline Foster discusses how to write books for children. Writing Books for Children Writing for this age group is complex, and perhaps, more difficult than many writers envisage. The most fundamental aspect of writing for this category is understanding the age group of your readers. How you write for early readers is very different to how you would write for the 10 to 15-year bracket or indeed, the 12 to 20-year age range(s). There is a huge difference in the language, style, and interests of each age group before we even consider any gender-specific activities or pursuits. It is always essential, no matter what the genre is, to understand who you are writing for before you begin to write, and to know the reasons why you are putting together whatever it is you are planning to write. It is even more important to be clear about this before you embark on writing for the children’s market because young readers can be very difficult to please. Children have a built-in boredom beacon; they know when they are being lectured or spoken down to, and they are very quickly turned off by the wrong use of language, old fashioned terms, or writers who are out of touch with today’s trends. Ask yourself, am I writing this: - To inform them? - To entertain them? - To explain something? - To stimulate them? It could be a…