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Gary Marson Best Grief Blog

‘Just Carry On Breathing’ by Gary Marson wins inaugural Helen Bailey Award for Best Grief Blog

Summary: Just Carry On Breathing, the blog of widower Gary Marson who lost his wife – Louise – in January 2015, has been announced as the maiden winner of the Helen Bailey Award for best grief blog, as voted by the members of the charity WAY Widowed and Young. Bennion Kearny, the UK-based book publisher who published Just Carry On Breathing: A Year Surviving Suicide and Widowhood by Gary Marson in 2016, announces that Gary’s poignant and widely-acclaimed blog has been voted by WAY members as the winner of the Helen Bailey Award for best grief blog. The award was set up by WAY in memory of Helen Bailey, the best-selling author and much-admired WAY member who provided comfort and inspiration to many other young widows and widowers through her blog Planet Grief and her book When Bad Things Happen in Good Bikinis. In his own much-praised blog, WAY member Gary attempts to come to terms with the loss of his wife, Louise, and looks to reach out to others affected by the loss of their partner in such devastating circumstances. The blog records his journey through his grief and his attempts to make sense of, and adjust to, the new realities of life as a widower at the age of 46. In 2016, Gary’s writings were curated and expanded into the book Just Carry On Breathing: A Year Surviving Suicide and Widowhood. It covers his first year of bereavement. Just Carry On Breathing: A Year Surviving Suicide and Widowhood…

Golf Trophies for Rising Stars

Rising Star Golfers To Look Out For in 2017

Bennion Kearny publishes a number of highly acclaimed golf books for players of all ages and standards. However, we're going to do something different here, and make some predictions as to the rising stars of golf in 2017. Names you should watch out for include... Murray Grayson Murray Grayson, who hails from North Carolina is a name to remember for this season. Although not necessarily a big name, he comes with big credentials and impressive stats. Having played on the Tour last season he led the birdie average and top 10 finishes. There is not much this guy can´t do, he hits a long ball, strikes the irons crisply, and has an eye for the hole when he gets it in there. He should be a rookie winner this season on the PGA Tour. Trey Mullinax Alabama State University have a knack for rolling out PGA Tour winners and they have done it again with the impressive Trey Mullinax. An all-American and twice national champion he has a game that is bound to get attention from the critics, when he tees it up on the PGA this season. Long and straight with a deadly wedge game, he is sure to keep the Alabama tradition alive. It wouldn´t be a surprise if he is a major player in the US majors this season. Brian Campbell Not the most exciting player to watch, perhaps, but Brian Campbell who turned pro in 2015 and enjoyed a very consistent first professional season on…

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At Bennion Kearny, we take great pride in the variety of top football books we publish. From fans to coaches, from youngsters making their way in the game to players who want to improve their mental skills - we publish far and wide. In turn, we have lots more interesting and exciting books in development. Would you like to know when we announce and publish new football books? Or when we offer competitions and prizes? If so, please join our soccer book mailing list; we won't email you too often, we won't spam you, and it is easy to opt out. Subscribe to our Soccer Books mailing list Email Address * First Name Last Name