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Delhi Railway Ticket Bureau Scam | India

Likely Damage: 3/5 Frequency: 2/5 Countries reported: India, specifically New Delhi Railway Station. A similar scam has also been reported in Thailand. Summary: Touts at Delhi Railway Station direct you to travel agents rather than the official ticket bureau. This ticket scam is particular to one or two places in the world (see example below), but so many travellers have fallen for it, and complained about it, that it deserves its own section in this book. It is also worthwhile as a demonstration of the lengths to which touts will go to, to swindle tourists, even without breaking the law. Criminals can scam travellers in this way when they are trying to travel from New Delhi Railway Station. The station is extremely crowded, confusing and badly laid out. Foreigners are required to buy train tickets at the Foreign Ticket Bureau. The Bureau is not, however, immediately visible from the entrance to the station: it is upstairs, and badly signposted from the entrance. The scam works as follows: Touts wait at the entrance to the station, or inside. They spot tourists and ask if they are planning to buy tickets at the station’s ticket office. They will try to prevent tourists from going upstairs. They manage to direct tourists away from the station to travel agents, where tourists are charged excessive amounts of money for the tickets which they were trying to buy at the station’s Foreign Ticket Bureau.The scammers are fluent in English and can be persuasive. Lies which they…