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Primary School Teacher Survival Guide: An A-Z for the Primary School Teacher

Becoming A Primary School Teacher

From: The New Teacher Survival Guide: An A-Z for the Primary School Teacher Dear Diary Managing the information overload. The early days of teaching are a shock to the system. Usually you’ll be starting your career after a prolonged period of downtime (i.e. the summer holidays) when leisured viewings of daytime TV while wrapped in a duvet quaffing corn flakes might well have become your daily routine as you cling to your student days. Then, in one fell swoop, you’ll suddenly find an assault of information that you’ll need to remember – duties, meetings, visitors, paperwork and any number of other things designed to be forgotten at the most inappropriate moment. The solution to this is simple: buy a diary. [1] If you can avail yourself of one that displays an entire week at a time, all the better. Your diary can be your lifeline when it comes to meetings, and more… although you should naturally refrain from recording any information personal to the children. It might be prudent to keep your personal details to a minimum too. This is because the reality is that you will mislay your diary at some point. It’s as inevitable as the formula: government minister + expenses claims = impending court case. One way of expediting the return of a missing diary is to personalise the cover. If you are a known Star Wars fan then a prominent photograph of Darth Vader will mean that your diary is easily recognisable as yours without the…