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Johnny Phillips Saturday Afternoon Fever

An Audience with Rafa

On the opening night of the Champions League group stages, in September 2012, as Manchester City were beaten by Real Madrid in the final moments at the Bernabau, thanks to Ronaldo’s late goal, and Real manager Jose Mourinho leapt from the dugout and slid across the turf in one of…

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José Mourinho book: The Rise of the Translator

Jose Mourinho Book – Chapter 1: The Dream is Over

While the Carnation Revolution certainly broadened Mourinho’s horizons, the family, as a whole, were to suffer somewhat and Félix [his Father] even considered uprooting to a club in Spain. For a centre-right family like the Mourinhos, it was a disconcerting period. Mourinho’s mother, Maria dos Santos, a popular primary school…

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