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The Goodfather - parenting book by Lee Price

4D Baby Scans – What you need to know

4D BABY SCANS: GOING HI-DEF I’ll admit, when I first heard the phrase ‘4D scan’, I snorted with derision, and my hands shot protectively to my wallet – this was another money-maker. Swap the ‘n’ for an ‘m’, am I right? Certainly, it’s one of the additions to the ‘must-do’ maternity timeline by modern mums – yet another scan. The fourth dimension here is not, as I’d mistakenly deduced, touch. I had expected that we’d be coming home with a miniature print out of our baby – but thankfully not, as that would be creepy and, presumably, rather intrusive. And, not least, totally nonsensical! In fact, the snazzy part of a 4D scan – you know, the big dollar private alternative to the NHS misery fest – is the fact that you’ve got movement added to a 3D image. Which sounds pretty underwhelming, but makes for an awe-inspiring window into your partner’s womb – it’s literally like a webcam stream of what your little one’s up to. It’s exactly like the hospital set up for the anomaly scan – except comfortable, welcoming, reassuring, not rushed, and fucking beautiful. You’ll even get a few laughs from your rapidly-developing repertoire of dad jokes. Our scan room was a romantically-lit attic conversion, with a comfortable chair for dad to sit on – honestly, I could’ve caught some Zs if I wasn’t on best behaviour. As alluded to, the sonographer had a personality! And the ultrasound gel was warm, rather than shockingly cold. It…

The Goodfather - parenting book by Lee Price

Expectant Dad Guide – Pregnancy Tips for Men

Are you an Expectant Dad? Deep breath now... Here is some of the lingo you need to grasp as an expectant dad. Birth positions Imagine the Kama Sutra, but designed for arguably the least pleasurable experience possible – no jokes about sleeping with me, please. The traditional TV pose of ‘lying on back’ is considered less advantageous than squatting, or being on all fours, which can open the pelvis up to 30% more. This also helps restrict tearing. I lost you at ‘open the pelvis’ didn’t I? Cervix In the immortal words of our midwife, a cervix is a bit like the end of the balloon, which stops air from escaping – except it is holding a baby in the womb. Cue terrifying imagery of children fizzing across the room, or being turned into naff-looking inflatable dogs. Colostrum The early milk that arrives into your partner’s boobs during pregnancy, ready for breastfeeding when the baby comes. This is a super-concentrated, super-thick serum-like fluid which provides your child’s first meal, and is essential for their development. Let this be a warning to anyone who wants to be ‘that guy’ and try the milk before the baby arrives – the milk (proper) doesn’t come into your partner’s boobs until several days after birth. Folic Acid The vital vitamin you may never have heard of. It’s recommended that your missus is popping these while you’re preparing to get pregnant and through pregnancy – so a Viagra for you, a folic for her, maybe.…