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Bryan Adams Book Cover

Bryan Adams Book: Chapter 1 – The Early Years

He knocks on the door of his girlfriend’s house. Annie didn’t think this rockaholic gentleman offered much of a future. She had no idea that the guy, whose name was Bryan Adams was someday going to be… well, Bryan Adams. - W. Deverell For somebody who was to become one of the central figures in 1980s mainstream rock, Bryan Adams had a relatively inauspicious beginning. His father, Conrad Adams, and his mother Jane, emigrated to Canada from England in the 1950s. Like his own father James, Conrad attended the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, but while James fought in both world wars, Conrad was born too late to see wartime service. He had been a soldier for Britain and then for Canada, and in keeping with his vocation went on to become a military diplomat. Jane fell pregnant in 1959, and one day that winter, while Conrad was away in Malaya, she tenaciously walked 2 kilometres to a hospital in Kingston, Ontario, where she gave birth to a boy. Since he was born on the 5th of November, it was decided his middle name would be Guy. Bryan Guy Adams and his younger brother Bruce had an unusual upbringing. Their father’s middle level job in the Canadian Diplomatic Corps meant that the family moved at least once every three years and they had to make new friends in each new place they settled: England, Portugal, Austria, and ultimately Canada once again. In England young Bryan was sent to a military…